Catching a Sunset at Taronga Zoo Wharf

A couple of weeks ago I ventured over to Taronga Zoo Wharf for some sunset photography. I am sure you guys must be getting tired of my attempts to take decent pictures, but hold your horses cause here is another one of those posts. This was a very beautiful sunset though that just kept on giving and just got better and better as time went on. So what can you do then just keep taking picture after picture! I ended up with more than 300 pictures of just one silly sunset. I won’t be uploading all of those cause I think my site will crash, but I will be handpicking the best of the best (well, my best, you know what I mean) and take you along a romantic blog post. View Post

The Magical Town of Giethoorn | An Epic Day Trip from Amsterdam

Have you ever heard of the Venice of the North? A village where there are no roads, just canals that you can navigate by a boat? footpaths, bicycle trails are the only other way to make your way around this village, no honking cars anywhere! And if you think that is it, then you are mistaken. The houses that are scattered around this village are stunning centuries-old thatched-roof houses… It sounds like a fairy tale but it does truly exist. The village is a small village located in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. (Where I am from YAY) and can be reached when you are on a trip to Amsterdam or Rotterdam.  I will show you the best ways to get there, when to go and what to see and do. Get ready to add this stunning little village to your ever-growing bucket list… View Post

Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney

You can read hundreds of Sydney City guides and not many will talk about the Chinese Garden of Friendship. I wrote one of those city guides myself, shame on me! I have been living in Sydney for 7 years now, and I had never been to these gardens.  And boy do I regret it. These gardens are absolutely stunning, tranquil and are cheap to explore.   In this post, I will show you what you can expect when going to these gardens, which I suggest you do when you are in Sydney, cause they are pretty amazing! View Post

One Epic Day in Sydney | Itinerary + Local Tips

This extensive 1 day Sydney itinerary takes you to many of the locations and attractions that make Sydney the exciting place that it is. From stunning sprawling beaches to hustling suburbs and amazing nature reserves all within reach. Prepare yourself for an epic 1 day in Sydney itinerary!  Read on to find out all top things to do, where to eat, sleep and so much more.  View Post

The Best Way to Spend 2 Days in Amsterdam | A Full 48 Hour Itinerary

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands is known for its ‘crazy’ side, but the city has so much more to offer than just legalized drugs and prostitution. The amazing architecture, the canals, the museums, and the lovely little markets are just some of the reasons you should visit this fantastic city.  Falling in love with Amsterdam is easy when you know where to go and what to look for. So here is my 2 day Amsterdam itinerary, to help you plan the perfect city getaway in Amsterdam!  View Post
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