Last weekend it was the queen’s birthday and in Australia, that means we get a long weekend woohoo! Extra day off! Thank you, Queen-e, (get it, hopefully, you do tehe) of course we had to help her celebrate, I mean the legend is 93 years old… so I thought what is better to do than go din, din, din……. WHALE WATCHING ARGH! I have wanted to do Whale watching in Australia for as long as I can remember, and I can honestly think of no better place than on the Sydney harbor… one of the most beautiful harbors’ in the world! The main species of whale that you will probably see on a Sydney Harbor tour is one of the greatest, biggest, most beautiful living giants of the ocean, let alone the world! it is the magnificent Humpback Whale! WHOAAAHH! How lucky are we? So don’t you dare think about clicking out now! or you’ll miss out on all the magic awesomeness of what was truly a wonderful experience.

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