Are you in need of inspiration, informative information, entertainment, laugh out loud and extreme bolts of motivation, HELL YES! Then you cannot miss this post – don’t even think about clicking out haha I’m watching you (not really, but you know what I mean 😉).

As far as I know, everyone loves a good book, right? Right? Rightttt? (hopefully lol) which is why I chose to write today’s blog post on my top 10 books that I recommend for bloggers. You can be just starting out or like me have been running a blog for the past year or are maybe even thinking about starting a future blog, either way, these books are sure to help you out! Even if you aren’t a blogger or interested in blogging then there is still some in there for you too. So keep scrolling to find out what the magical 10 are.

In no particular order

Number 1: The Epic Blog – Regina Anaejinou

Written by successful blogger “Regina Blogs” this book is sure to get you organized and help you plan all the various tasks that come with blogging. A blog is a business and a business always need a plan, so this is the book that is needed for every blogger. Loaded with plenty of inspirational content ideas, thousands of tips, a blank planner as well as 12 worksheets for your content planning for each month. If you are not 100% sure where to begin or find yourself floundering each day/week then check this book, Regina has your back! Thanks, girlfriend 😛

Number 2: The 4-hour work week – Tim Ferris 

An oldy but classic that is still very much relevant in this day and age.

You will learn how to set up new habits, so you don’t get lost in the daily rut, have your eyes opened to what is possible in life and be inspired by all the tips, tools and tricks (Ooo tongue twister) that Tim has written for you. This is for sure a must read for all walks of life but will definitely help bloggers learn how to focus on the most important things, instead of all the other shiiiiiiip 😉

Number 3: Get Rich Blogging – Zoe Griffin 

Because we all want to get rich and I love blogging so hey! It makes sense haha. Written by six-figure blogger Zoe Griffin, she tells you the secret to becoming a successful blogger with only your laptop and internet connection (no technical wizardry needed) – sounds pretty easy to me?!

Number 4: Make it happen: Surrender the fear, take the leap, live on purpose – Lara Casey

The motivator! Yes, sir, this is it and it doesn’t disappoint. Sometimes we all need that push, shove or slap to get us moving from dreaming about something to actually doing it and this my friend will be your new friend. Don’t let the fear of change or the unknown hold you back any longer, go out there and get what you want without being an anxious mess about. A self-help master book and an incredible story, getting you inspired to follow your dreams – honestly, we all need this book at times.

Number 5: How to blog for profit: without selling your soul – Ruth Soukup

Arrgh! A title truly made for me and something I’ve worried since beginning this blog. This book is particularly good for beginners and helps you find your way through all the various things that you have to consider when just starting out. Written by another successful blogger, Ruth Soukup who knows all the ins and outs and exactly how to make it big, if you want to as well then, I suggest this as your read.

Number 6: Managing your day to day: Build your routine, find your focus and sharpen your creative mind – Jocelyn K. Glei

Time is your friend, but your friend can sometimes be a bitch if you don’t know how to treat her nice (ah man), which is where this book comes in. This read is all about productivity, focus and using your time wisely and in a lot of ways goes hand in hand with number 2’s “4-hour work week”. It teaches you about prioritizing which is a must for a blogger, how to set up your tasks for the day and helps you to uncover what triggers your best working environment. Not to mention a crap tonne of advice.

Number 7: The Social Traffic Code – Blog The Social Ms

I am yet to become a master of the social media scene and am still struggling with very high highs and very low lows meh… so this book is for sure on my next to read list. This book is meant to be the answer to all your traffic problems – hallelujah!! And after reading many reviews and even speaking with friends who have had success with this such as, going from 0 to 30,40,50 thousands of visitors in a matter of months WHOAH! With an easy step by step action plan to get you going too! Wow, can’t wait to read this and update you guys.

Number 8: Creative confidence: unleashing the creative potential within us all –  David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley

A lot of people say “this is the only book about creativity that you’ll ever need” wholly molly! Now that’s a statement: p seeing as blogging is about 90% of creativity, I’m thinking this is the book all us bloggers need. Being creative doesn’t, unfortunately, all come to us naturally but with this powerful and inspiring read, you will learn principles and strategies of being creative, told in the utmost entertaining and funny manner. Yes, please!

Number 9: 21 proven ways to create compelling content and kiss writer’s block goodbye – Danny Ivy, Jim Hopkinson, Alexis Rodrigo

Hell yea I want to kiss readers block goodbye, it happens to me even at the best of times darn it! Unfortunately, at some point in yours/mine/our blogging lives, we will run out of ideas, which is why it is just fabulous that Danny, Jim, and Alexis created this book for us. Packed full of motivation and ideas on how to come up with an endless stream of blog posts that will grab attention, drive engagement, and make you an unstoppable blogger. WHOOP!! WHOOP! go out and get your hands on this one now 🙂

Number 10: 365 Blog Topic Ideas: For the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about – Dana Fox

What am I going to write about? Who am I going to write about? when what, why ahhhhhhhh! I got nothing and when you get to this point, that is when you know that you need this book.

Luckily ideas can stream from absolutely anywhere (think everyday life, the town/city in which you live in, recipes, travel, animals, music etc) but if you do find yourself stuck, then open up this book and see what you can find, I sometimes even get ideas from an idea.. does that make sense? There is also a ton of inspiration that can be adapted to any niche, like travel blogging for me!

I would recommend this book for every blogger as at some point as we all need it.

And that’s my top 10! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and share it forward to all your blogger friends, you never know who might need it 🙂 are there any books on this list that you yourself have read and loved? Are there any others that you would recommend? I would love to hear from you guys so feel free to leave a comment on what your favorite book is or what blogging book you would recommend for me.

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