Not a lot of people get the chance to fly business class, cause lets be frank, it is not the cheapest flight you will ever get. In September I flew home (to the Netherlands) for my yearly holiday. I have been sick in the last few months and I am a tad scared that my health will be suffering when I have to take such a long flight, I decided to book myself into a Business class seat.

My number one airline is Emirates, I have been flying with them for years and years and I always feel comfortable and safe with them. So this trip I also booked myself a business class seat with Emirates.

In this blog post, I will take you along my travels and what it was like to fly like fancy nancy does 😉


When you fly business class you get a free pick up and drop off (within a certain radius of the airport), I got picked up about 3 hours prior to departure in a fancy car (I am terrible with cars and brands etc but something like a Mercedes, let just go with that)
The driver was lovely and helped me with my suitcase and we went on our way. There was a major accident in Sydney harbor tunnel, so the way to the airport was strained. Luckily my driver knew some shortcuts and I was dropped off at the airport in no time.


It is the low season when it comes to flying ( I think) so it was not very busy at the check-in counter. I, however, did not have to line up and was checked in pretty much immediately.

I got handed my 2 tickets:

  • Sydney – Bangkok – Dubai
  • Dubai – Dusseldorf

As well as a hotel voucher. Now, this part is AMAZING. Because I had a layover in Dubai for 7 hours I got a free hotel room for the duration of time (You can get this if you have a layover of 5 hours or more)

I don’t know if they use the same hotel for all bookings, but I received a voucher for Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre a 5-star hotel in the airport vicinity.

Additionally, I got an express ticket for customs and I was sent on my way. The whole check-in lasted maybe 5-10 minutes, and that includes queuing up. Very fast.

Because of the express ticket, customs and security only took me 10 additional minutes. Again, it was very quiet and not busy at all, so that did make the process even quicker. But having an express ticket surely is amazing.


Up next I had to find the Emirates business lounge. It was quite a walk, but I am going, to be honest, here, I wasn’t paying attention where I was going and I walked the wrong way. (This seems to be a theme the last couple of weeks. I also got lost during the Taronga zoo – Balmoral walk) Anywho, once I found the lounge I wandered into a pretty much empty erea with no humans in sight.

In the lounge, you can stuff yourself unlimited.  And as it was around dinner around the time that I wandered into the lounge, the area was plentifully supplied with an assortment of dinner items and snacks, perfect for a pre-flight nibble (nibble cough, cough) I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and range of hot and cold foods and drinks on offer!

In the hot food section, everything was completely stocked featuring lamb, rice, mashed pumpkin, variety or bread, fruit, and deserts. (But much much more, I am not going to bore you with naming all the different types of food haha but it was ALOT)

You can choose to sit at proper tables and chairs or in one of the comfortable lounges by the window where you can watch the airport hustle and bustle.

Power points are a-plenty, perfect for charging up all your devices pre-flight!

With an extensive variety of Dilmah teas, coffee, juices and soft drinks, your thirst will definitely be quenched in the Emirates lounge. For something a little more refreshing the fridge is stocked with beers including Peroni, Crown Lager and Heineken, and those wanting to get the party started already, self-serve spirits are available with Campari, Canadian Club, Cointreau, Chivas Regal, Drambuie, Bailey’s, Hennessy VSOP, Jose Cuevo, Bombay Sapphire, Absolut and even some Glenmorangie!

Unfortunately for me, the first big storm of the year hit right when I entered the airport. That means that there was a bit of chaos. (Sydney and a lot of Australia has been suffering through a horrendous drought, so I was very happy that it was raining, just the timing was a tad off) Since it was a thunderstorm, it was not safe for the ground crew to load the airplanes (absolutely fair enough) so we were told to continue snacking and to wait for further announcements.
I had a friend at the airport at the same time, but she was flying domestically. She heard the announcement that all in and outbound flights where suspended until further notice. When she messaged me saying that all domestic flight where canceled for the day I got a tad worried for a second. Luckily they do not cancel international flights easily and a few minutes later I was told that we would start boarding in 40 minutes (YAY)

When your flight is boarding, the Emirates team will broadcast a message over the loudspeaker ensuring you make it to the gate on time, where you are greeted by the friendly staff aboard the A380.


Unfortunately, this was not the end of my delay. Because of the backlog of flights landing and departing we were stuck for another hour and a half before we could depart. So for a while, this was my view.

I was one of the lucky people that had a 7-hour layover in Dubai, so for me, a delay was not too bad. But for a lot of people, this added a lot of stress to their travels.


This flight feels like a never-ending one adding up to 17 hr 35 minutes. The only plus side is that you don’t have to get off at Bangkok. You can stay seated and chill whilst they clean the plane.

On this flight I watched 3 movies:

  • Guardian of the Galaxy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League

If you didn’t notice – I was clearly in the mood for a certain theme haha!

You get a menu with different options that you can choose from, but it all it pretty much delicious. On this flight I had:

  • Lamb
  • Loins
  • Salmon
  • Pancakes

Not in that order and not all at once haha I don’t remember exactly in what order I had them (sorry)

You can get unlimited drinks and snacks from the bar at the back. So you are well-taken care off pretty much the entire flight. I am one of those people that gets motion sickness the second the plane starts to move, so I always take motion sickness tables. BUT these make me sleepy, so I did sleep a lot of the time.

I always loved arriving into Dubai. Having a window seat really pays off.


Then after that long long flight, I had originally a 7-hour layover. That means, hotel time. Because of the storm in Sydney, we landed 2 hours later. Luckily because my hotel was already booked I was still oke-ed to check in. You need to have a minimum of 5 hours in order to be eligible, so I got lucky there.

The staff was not very clear on explaining where to go and what to do, so I had to ask 3 different people before it was 100% clear on what I was supposed to do.

You need to hop on the internal train to immigration and baggage claim. There you will see a massive red area which is called Dubai connect. Here you can get some more information on where to go and what to do, or book a hotel if you haven’t already.
After this, you have to go through immigration and get a stamp in your passport.

You do not have to pick up your bags, they should be transferred to your new flight automatically.

Go to another counter where you can get a transfer slip. Go to exit 4 and give the slip to one of the staff and they will show you wich fancy car to get in.

The hotel is literally a few minutes from the airport so you are there within a few minutes.

You can see a full review on the hotel next week in my blog. Too much to show you and to report to not write a full post about it.

After 3 hours in this hotel, it was time to go back to the airport to get on the next (and last) flight.


This last flight is only 6 hr 55 minutes, so it is a lot better to do then the first flight.  I was a bit over it by now but what can you do…..

During this flight, I watched not even one movie cause I kept falling asleep. (i started on ‘You’ve got mail, but I think I only saw about 45 minutes of it) I did get some delicious food, this time I choose trout and a delicious cheese plater.

The plane was not half full (In my section there were only 4 people in total) So the flight was very quiet. Because of that, the stewardesses kept taking away my drink and food when I fell asleep(I mean I was just resting my eyes) , that was a tad annoying (But, first world problems I guess)


Is it worth paying a premium to fly business class? Yes and No.
Yes I love flying business class, it is so much more comfortable than flying economy, there is no denying that. You get treated better, you get better food but most importantly: you get a seat that can move down so that it is a pretty comfortable bed. If you fly long distances like I do, then I would definitely recommend flying business class. The sleep that you can get on there is priceless.

The next time I go back I would probably book business for the longest flight (Sydney -Dubai) and then Dubai – Dusseldorf I would book economy so I can save some money. (and then hope for a free upgrade lol)

I loved the experience and with my health, I felt more comfortable flying business then I would have been in economy class. (I had issues the last time I flew to Bali, so I was a bit scared to fly)

Flying business is expensive but you do get a lot for it in return. If you can afford it then I suggest you do it. If you can’t really afford it, then fly economy. Especially with Emirates, it is not that bad.


Have you ever flown Business Class? What do you think? Is it worth the money? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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