Are you a blogger? A traveler? a photographer? All three or none of the above? I am sure that you then have tried to play the Instagram game! Starting a travel account, a fashion account, an interior account, a photography account or something else. You have probably, just like me, struggled with getting engagement, proper followers (No bots or just follow for follow people) and an increase in traffic (If you are a blogger).

I started my blogs Instagram account a couple of months ago. Initially, I got lots of followers, likes, and comments, but as the time went on it got lower and lower by the day. I find this VERY frustrating and upsetting, so I thought I would try some things to see if I could improve my Instagram and get a larger group of followers. 

In this post I will show you if I have succeeded, and what I have done to improve my blogs Instagram account.


Step number one is to build up your account. Since I started a new Instagram for my blog I wanted to get quite a few posts on my Insta before I started promoting it. I created a strategy and tried to stick to it for as long as I could.

The strategy I used was as follows: 

  • Post twice a day when I have a new blog post out (For me that’s Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays) 
  • On the other day, I posted only once 
  • On the weekend also 1 post in the morning (10-11am) 


Throughout the week I uploaded at least once a day to my stories. Have created templates in Canva, which I pre-make once a week. I have the following templates: 

  • Today’s adventure – For if I go out and about 
  • This week on the blog – To showcase a blog post that needs a bit of love. 
  • New on the blog – Same day release templates 
  • Have you seen –  for cool posts which are popular – to re-show them to my Instagram followers 
  • Currently exploring – When I go out for blog posts 
  • Question time – For interaction with my followers 


I have read many, and I mean MANY, posts on Instagram and how to build up a following. (Like, comment, follow etc) Those techniques are fair enough if you have time to do that. I work 40 hours a week plus write 3 blog posts a week and have to do all other social media accounts (Think Pinterest, Twitter etc) So I really, really don’t have time to consistently use Instagram. 

I was talking about this with my friend Kim (she often helps me with my blog. She has written Canberra, Byron Bay and top 10 cities to visit) and she suggested using Fiverr or Airtasker to get someone to help me with my engagement. 

If you are an avid Bondi to Basic follower then you know that I had some issues with Fiverrr before. Where I got banned from Pinterest because I used them. See my extensive post here. I, therefore, was a bit apprehensive, as you can imagine, but I have done some research and I have made sure that the service that I am using is 100% safe. 

So I went back to Fiverr and searched for a reliable seller who helps with growing Instagram accounts. 

After a couple of searches, I found Lynn. She has 101 reviews and a 5-star rating. 

She claims to receive natural growth and offers real engagement. 

I sent her a couple of emails with questions and she came across as pretty notable and trustworthy. 

On the 14th of November, I bought her premium package which offers ’30 days of fast, powerful, niche-targeted Instagram promotion to reach the audience you want.’ 


First, on the 14th of November 2018, I had the following stats: 

Posts: 65
Followers: 78
Following: 16

19 profile visits in the last 7 days. 

WEEK 1 – 15th November – 22nd November 

After 1 week of the service, I had the following stats

Posts: 77
Followers: 308
Following: 222

837 profile visits in the last 7 days. I also received several times, 100+ likes on a photo. 

WEEK 2: 23rd November –  29th November 

Posts: 86
Followers: 491
Following: 163

931 profile visits in the last 7 days.

I also got my first photo shared on an account. Unfortunately, it was a brand new account, so that did not have any impact on my own Instagram. But it its still great that someone thought my photo was worth sharing. 

WEEK 3 – 29th November – 6th December

Posts: 98
Followers: 588
Following: 272

1006 profile visits in the last 7 days.

I noticed that for a long time my account hovered around the 500 mark. In the evening I would have 507 and the morning I would wake up to 487. During the day it would build to 500 plus again, for it to drop again the next day. This lasted for 4-5 days and it was strange. But eventually, I did pass the 500 mark to start growing again. I don’t know if the 500 mark is a milestone on Instagram, and that the algorithm then chances or something. But it did look like it.

WEEK 4 6th December – 13th December

Posts: 100
Followers: 643
Following: 134

921 profile visits in the last 7 days.

It slowed down a bit, but I had a tough week at work, so I was not able to post as much as I wanted too. Not a whole lot to report boooo.


I have used this service for 4 weeks now. It has definitely increased my followers by a lot more then I would able to do myself. So it is definitely beneficial. My average likes on my photos have also increased tremendously. I have about 130 likes per photo now, from starting at less than 100 likes.

The only thing I am worried about is whether they will all stop following me, and the number of followers does not continue to grow without the service, dropping down quickly.

I will use Lynn again for 1-2 months so that I can build my account and then continue myself. If you are a blogger or want to become an influencer yourself, in my opinion, opinion this is a great way to get your followers base growing quickly. I am again building followers and I don’t advice you to buy them. They will not interact with your content, so there is not really a point of having them. So if you wish to grow a bit faster and need some help, then I advise you to do this as well.

Thank You Guys For Reading <3

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