Top 10 of the Most Incredible Cities in the World

Top 10 of the Most Incredible Cities in the World

Who doesn’t love a good city trip? I have done many, especially in Europe, and some of my best travel memories were made during these trips.

From cities who have heart-achingly beautiful architecture, stunning beaches, hip and bustling city centres or unique waterways. Some cities just make the toughest of men stutter.

The world is our oyster – there is so much to see that it will take a lifetime to see it all. But with some help, you can narrow your scope to just some of the best. Just so know you where to effing start your city trip bonanza.

So here it is. My top 10 cities in the world that you should visit at least once in your life. Get your bucket list ready to add some amazing destinations. Let’s go…


Top 10 must incredible cities - Paris

Ahhh ze city of love, one of my favourite places in the world! And not just because of the love thing hehe. The smells, the tastes, the landmarks, the art, the museums, the palaces *ah sigh!*. If you haven’t been to Paris then you have to add it to your “must do urgently” bucket list….  I myself have been very lucky to visit this extraordinary place twice, once when I was a little girl and the second time when I was in grade 11 with my school and boy let me tell ya did I have the time of my life!

I’m pretty sure I watched Ratatouille every day for three weeks before going! Haha I was soo beyond excitement. There are literally thousands of incredible experiences to be had, foods to try (just wait until you taste a REAL croissant), historical sights to visit and breathtaking views to see.

My top must-see list would be:

  • Montmartre – Wall of love
  • Tuileries Garden (bloody incredible!)
  • Le Marais (shopping, food etc)
  • The Sainte Chapelle (It was so beautiful, I literally cried).


Top 10 must incredible cities - Barcelona

What a place, what a place, what a place…..! Does anyone else say “Barthelona” when pronouncing this city? Haha.

Crazy architecture, colour, tapas, football, a big ol gothic church and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet on earth, are only a few of the things that spring to my mind when thinking of this magical city.

Barcelona can be a hard place to know where to start and has a lot to take in, so some of my personal recommendations would be to start with exploring the Barri Gotic – the old medieval quarter, full of timeless squares, cobblestone streets and churches, Sagrada Familia (everyone must see this place), Picasso Museum (You’re in Spain! You gotta do something Picasso related), Barcelona chocolate Museum (chocoholics be warned, things are likely to get messy if you visit here) and Park Guell.

So be sure to visit Spains 2nd largest city sometime and enjoy the endless historical treasures, unique architecture and incredible boundless dining and drinking scene.


Top 10 must incredible cities - Sydney

P, Sherman 42 wallaby way, Sydney yup this is home – I mean the Sydney part anyways haha! I love my city and even to this day, I am still in constant awe of all its beauty and charm.

The great thing about Sydney is that its truly a place for everyone, it is very multicultural, budget and family-friendly and there is always something to do. There is so many beautiful places to see, attractions to do and Iconic places to visit but my most favourite thing about Sydney would be it’s incredible outdoors…. it is just so beautiful! and it surrounds the whole of the city!

There are so many different types of bushwalk and coastal walks, beaches and fun activities that the outdoors have to offer here.

With the Invictus games coming up in the next week, I’m sure the city will be bustling with lots of new visitors (including Prince Harry) and will be once again enchanting everyone with all her charms… I said before “I love my city!”


Top 10 must incredible cities - New York

There’s nothing you can’t do, now you are in New Yooooooork – sing it, Alicia!
Dang didn’t she know it! its no surprise there are so many songs named after this city, I mean its nothing short of incredible.

Having gone to New York on numerous occasions myself, I would definitely rank this as one of the top places I have visited in my life! It is just so magical and amazing and ga-dang fabulous argh!

My greatest piece of advice that I offer friends so you guys as well – wink hehe, would be to pack the comfiest shoes you have because New York is all about discovery and with every corner and street you turn there is more to see. Yes, it’s tiring, no you will not regret it. My 2nd piece of advice would be to buy a ticket… any ticket, as many tickets as you can, tickets, tickets, tickets! To a concert, a Broadway show, a stand-up comedy show, madison square garden (DO IT, DO IT!) an exhibition at the met or a museum etc…. immerse yourself completely in everything that is New York, the freedom, the beauty… The excitement!

And my last but not least piece of advice would be this – try and avoid the summer season because it ain’t pretty… or so I found in my experience anyway, bad smells, humidity, no beaches etc- ain’t for me


Top 10 must incredible cities - Montreal

If you are ever planning on visiting Canada then I would highly recommend you putting Montreal on your list. This place is like none other and is absolutely stunning, not to mention its incredible cuisine.

In the summertime, Montreal is beautiful but in the wintertime oh! Montreal is like stepping into a picture book, she is pretttty! (and cold very cold haha).

The first place I would recommend when visiting this city would be Mont-Royal, as you can see the whole of the city from here and some stunning scenery. My second recommendation would be to take a food tour – that’s if your a foody of course because if there is one thing that Montreal is good at, then its food and my third recommendation would be to see Old Montreal… located alongside The St Lawrence River. Old Montreal is full of quaint old streets and buildings reminiscent of France and has a collection of some of the oldest and prettiest buildings in the city – dating as far back to 1642.

Side note: Montreal is situated in Quebec which is known as Canada’s French province. A large amount of the population speaks French here, so it is appreciated as always if you try however most of the population are also speak fluent English so not to worry if you cant.


Top 10 must incredible cities - Rio De Janerio

Parties, Samba, Bossa Nova, Carnival season – yes, yes and yes! I am just dying to go to Brazil!

When I think of this amazing city all I can envision is this fun, wild, colourful place… that seems so free and full of culture. The country of Brazil, of course, does have its complications and from what I’ve heard Rio has its profound contrasts but I think that is all apart of the experience that comes with travel. Seeing how the other half lives can be like a good bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

Some of the items on my list of things to do when visiting Brazil are, Christ the Redeemer (duh!), Copacabana beach (her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…), Sugarloaf mountain (whaaat? a mountain made of sugar), Lapa steps and Ipanema beach! When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio…. de Janerio… 😉 (hopefully, you guys know this song or that would be weird hahaha!)


Top 10 must incredible cities - Venice

The famous city on water and one of the worlds most iconic cities in the world, there is nothing quite like Venice.

The City of Venice has a rich history and offers plenty to do and see. Venice is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, with no roads, just canals including the Grand Canal lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces.

Please, someone, take me to Venice!


Top 10 must incredible cities - Singapore

Singapore is definitely all the hype right now, especially since Crazy Rich Asians (set in Singapore) was recently released and was a major worldwide hit.

A fantastic destination for people of all ages, there is no shortage of things to see, eat (mmmm) and do. Home to an array of cultures and religions, I really don’t think there is anywhere else in the world where you could experience such an incredible coexistence of the human race.

Singapore is fast evolving into one of South East Asia’s hottest destinations and its the perfect place to mix business and pleasure or just pleasure haha! whatever tickles your fancy…. the place where chewing gum is banned and Gardens by the bay seem literally out of this world – I mean have you seen the pictures… I really think Singapore is a city that will keep you on your toes and keep you wanting more.


Top 10 must incredible cities - Kyoto

Japans great ancient city and former imperial capital has a population of one and a half million people, making it much quieter and smaller than Tokyo.

Kyoto has become increasingly popular as of recent times and is known for its rich natural beauty, copious culture and history annnnd temples… lots of temples! More than 600 temples to be frank…. Whoah!

Over the past year I have had 2 of my best friends visit Kyoto and ring nothing but praise for this incredible place and when they were showing me pictures from their trip, I couldn’t help but think a lot of Kyoto looked like one big Bonsai plant hehe! So beautiful! With a choice of 600 temples to see, ramen to be eaten, Matcha to be consumed and cherry blossoms and stunning landscapes galore… I know for sure where I will be booking my next trip…. Ahhh *sigh!*


Top 10 must incredible cities - London

I love me some London! I truly think its one of the prettiest cities in the world and if it weren’t for the temperamental weather and constant rain then I would probably be living there by now. This place has so much character and charisma and a feeling that no other city has been yet able to offer up.

There is definitely no chance you will find yourself bored in this city, with hundreds of famous Museums, buildings, and galleries that have over 2000 years worth of memorabilia, you are sure to keep busy. Not to mention the incredible pub scene ( I love myself a good pub meal) and nightlife that comes with London. A definite must-see if you’re in Europe! 


Top 10 must incredible cities - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is so much more then what most people think. Stunning architecture, history, museums, and canals.

When I initially thought of Amsterdam I thought about the red light district, sex museums, and weed (Brownies in particular haha). After visiting this city I realized that it is so much more than that. Sorry people of Amsterdam… 

Some of the things that you should definitely go and see during a trip to Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum (hello Nights Watch and many many other paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt) the van Gogh Museum and of course you should do a canal tour over these world-famous canals.

They also have some of the most delicious snacks you will ever try. You should definitely try stroopwafels, poffertjes and Bitterballen if you are ever in Amsterdam (or anywhere in The Netherlands) So finger licking good *yum*. 

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Top 10 must incredible cities - City trip around the world

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