Have you been craving that wanderlust feeling? But you are stuck at your 9-5 job trying to stay afloat under work pressure, never-ending bills, and social life? I hear yah.

When I am down or when I wish I had money to travel the world I browse hours and hours on Instagram and look up hundreds of travel accounts. Many, and I mean MANY are just using other peoples pictures or using copyright free pictures. But there are some that are authentic and simply stunning.

So in this post, I will share some of my favorite accounts that I browse through to get through the day and keep my wanderlust levels peaking.


I’ll be cheeky and start with my own account first (hey, it’s my blog, I do what I want hahaha)

If you don’t know me, my name is Manon and I am a Dutchy who has been living in Australia for 8 years now. I have started Bondi to Basic almost 1 year ago. My Instagram feed shows a lot of photos of Sydney, and when I go traveling it will also show that. Lots of nature and architecture and Astro shots (I love doing this, but I am pretty bad at it haha). I am in the process of changing my account over a bit as I want to show myself a bit more in the photos. But I would like to be a bit more confident in myself before I do that. So hopefully in the coming months, you will see a bit more of myself on my account.

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Loic Lagarde’s photography is simply amazing! His feed is a true masterpiece!  His photography skills truly shine in his collection of stunning images from his explorations all over the world. He has been everywhere. from Paris to Japan, Rusia, and America. His photos will leave you breathless and filled with envy.


Simply some of the most amazing landscape photos you will see on Instagram! He hikes to the highest tops to take some of the most breathtaking pictures you will see.


This feed is filled with the most gorgeous photos from around the globe! From the Indonesian jungle to the Swish Alpes, some of the most amazing pictures can be found on his feed. Such an amazing lifestyle, something to be jealous of.


Josh McNair runs the California Through My Lens travel site with his wife, which is used by over six million people.


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Thinking of you… 💭 #Lombok

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From the sand dunes in Abu Dabi to the snowy fields in Finland, Lauren Bullen’s photos make me want to book my next trip to wherever she is immediate!  Here photos are absolutely stunning and you can see that she spends o lot of time perfecting them! An amazing feed that is worth a scroll.


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This is my world. Or should I say, this has been my world for the past 6 years. Traveling and hiking in remote places, far from the crowds, just to feel alive and reconnect with nature. I still live for those moments though I feel like something is missing. Since I started the Peaks of Europe project in 2017, I realized I’ve been more and more attracted to documentary photography every day. For years I’ve been admiring photojournalists and photographers who put themselves in critical situations, who get out of their comfort zone, just in order to capture the world and tell stories that are important to be told. Some might think that my travels are already synonym of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The truth is, for me, I don’t feel like it is anymore. I can’t remember a single time I ever found myself in an uncomfortable situation just to bring back an important set of photos. I feel that my old routine of traveling with no other goal than photographing beautiful places and wilderness is slowly coming to an end, and Peaks of Europe was the start of this new chapter of my career. I now deeply feel inside of me that I need to travel to connect with human people first, learn from their culture, and tell their stories through my photos. This is what I actually started to do for about a year now, but never really dare sharing that on here. Now that I’m in my 30s and have been taking photos for almost a decade, I have a better vision of what truly inspires me and where I want to take my career as a travel photographer. I think it’s time to fully embrace that and see where it’ll take me. To celebrate their 100M followers @natgeo is challenging everyone to show their world. Funny enough, this contest was launched just a day after I decided to come back on this platform after a 4-month hiatus, with a clearer idea of what I want to show you and what I want to tell here. Actively supporting environmental initiatives and focusing more on the storytelling aspect of my photography will be my main goals for this year, while I’ll still be sharing some landscapes and commissioned work on here, just less than before. I hope you’ll stick with me. #natgeo100contest

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Belgian-born self-taught travel photographer Johan Lolos takes some increadible shots on this travels arpind the world.


A very colorful (and often pink) feed. Some of her pictures are a tad to overedited for my taste, but I can truly appreciate all the effort that she has put into her feed. She travels to amazing destinations like Chiang Mai, Shibuya, Jaipur, and icy Finland. Her feed comes complete with perfectly styled shots, the best hotels to spend the night in and some of the best secret spots to indulge in dessert along the way.
This feed by professional photographer Carolyn is cohesive and tonal making is a stunning one to scroll through.
And her dog Lenny is the absolute cutest EVER.


travel blogger Kiki has a stunning feed with amazing pictures when she goes traveling.

@muradosmann & @natalyosmann

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#followmeto Gunung Kawi with @natalyosmann . Bali is a magic world of people, spirits, gods and demons. Spiritualism and Magic play a very important role in Balinese life. These Barong masks are believed to hold spiritual energy. #Следуйзамной в величественный храм Гунунг Кави. Бали – это волшебный мир людей, духов, богов и демонов. Спиритизм и магия играют очень важную роль в балийской жизни. Считается, что эти маски Баронга содержат духовную энергию. @honorrus , #HonorView20, #ОткройНеизведанное

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This couple came up with the iconic hand-holding pose  (as seen above) we often associate with couples who travel.

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