If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram then I am sure you must have seen that I am on holidays in the Netherlands woohoo!!. In this photo diary, I will sort of keep you up to date with what I have been doing in the last week.

Last week was my travel week ( a 17-hour flight as well as a 7-hour flight) from Sydney to Dusseldorf. I also spend time at my parent’s house in Enschede and towards the end of the week, I traveled to Rotterdam to meet up with my sister and her family. Underneath you will see some photos of these occasions. (Some photos were taken with my iPhone, so the quality is a little lower then you are expected of me, my apologies)


Friday was the start of my travel day. I worked in the morning and left for the airport at 3.30pm(I know what a champion hehe).  My flight was at 7.20pm but was delayed due to a storm hitting Sydney from around 5pm. So I started up my laptop and started working on my Emirates Business Class Experience. The full post will go online in about 2-3 weeks. So stay tuned.

After about a 40-minute delay we could board the aircraft. However, we were stuck in the plane for another 1 hour and 30 minutes because of a backlog. In total, we were delayed for about 2 hours.

We took off about 2 hours later and I settled in for my long flight/night.


For pretty much the entire Saturday I was floating in the air. I went from Bangkok to Dubai and then Dubai to Dusseldorf.


JETLAGGED AS F*CK. My whole body is confused. I am now in literally the upsidedown timeframe as I was before, so my body is not happy. The entire day I felt like my head was filled with cotton balls. So I ended up not doing a whole lot.

For the most, I just chilled in my parent’s backyard and enjoyed their lush garden.


My jet lag was a lot better today (thank you sleeping pills) so I decided to work on a few posts. My parents both had to work and my sister is on the other side of the country, so it was perfect timing to writing out some posts. I finished my Emirates Business Class experience and started my photo diary (the one that you are reading now) I also planned out 2 additional posts, but I need to buy a background first before I can start working on that one (some pictures needs to be short and I want to make sure it looks good before I write out two entire posts and it looks like Crap)

After blogging for about 3 hours I had enough and went into chill mode. (hey, I am on holidays, I am allowed to)


Today was the first day that I was pretty grumpy due to the jetlag. The weather forecast had promised me nice weather from 12, so the second the sun came out I got dressed and went for a walk. My parents literally live 50 meters from the countryside so it was an easy decision on where to go.

In the afternoon I worked on a blog post for about 1 hour, until I had enough. Like I said, I was not in a good mood, and everything felt like it was a bit of a struggle. I know this is the jetlag, so hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


Was canceled.
I was grumpy (Mr grumpy gills was my name this day)
The weather was bad (nothing but rain) So I decided to cancel Wednesday.


Today I went out and about with my parents. We went for a drive in Twente, the region where I am from. There we went to the birth town, Ootmarsum, of one of my grandparents.  More pictures and information will be given in a later blog post. 



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