Adventure Time | Sydney to Watson’s Bay via Rose Bay

Adventure Time | Sydney to Watson’s Bay via Rose Bay

This past Thursday was a hot, bright, sunny day in Sydney and the beginning of the Australian heatwave! Woohoo! Not lol (Well depends haha)… So the first thing I did, of course, was the beach! BEACH BEACH BEACH (cheering voice). So, I felt like going somewhere different than to my local beaches, not that they aren’t great or anything, but a change of scenery is always good for the soul.

Keep on reading if you wish to hear more about this fun day and all the tips and tricks I have for navigating the crazy Sydney ferries – particularly this ferry track – my goodness, what a ride!!


First up I caught a bus from my home in North Sydney to circular quay (ferry hub), from there I walked to wharf 2, which is the ferry line to Rose and Watson’s bay! Only having to luckily wait 10 minutes – hallelujah and I was on the ferry. I might add that we left quite early as I had worked at 5 pm and wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

Now there are numerous ferries that you can catch to both Rose and Watson’s bay – the manly fast ferry, captain cook ferries, and the F4 line – I personally recommend the classic F line if you are going to these areas for the first time, as it travels a little slower than the other two and is cheaper. The F4 ferry is also better in my opinion as it is a lot larger than the other two and offers an upstairs viewing deck, which is a must! as the views are so fabulous! (warning!!! Make sure to slip, slop and wrap and all times, we don’t want you to get any sunburn or skin cancer now while doing all that picture taking up on deck 😉 )


First stop – Rose bay! We made it, the bay made of roses! YESSSSS! Kidding of course although that would be incredible.

Rose bay is very special to Sydney as it is where Qantas first began! Can you believe it!? FUN FACT: originally it took 4 days to fly from rose bay to London as there were so many fuel stops – talk about a Jet…. LAG lol!

It is also the biggest bay in Sydney and offers some stellar views of the city, not to mention that it’s a pretty funky suburb, with yummy cafes and a feel-good atmosphere. The Sydney airplanes are also situated here, so if you are thinking about going on those any time soon then this will be your stop.

Tip: Rose bay is generally a lot quieter than Watson’s bay as it has a lot more space if you don’t feel like being too jam-packed in with people than this is the beach for you.


Onward and upward and next is Watson’s Bay! Whoop whoop we made it!

Only another 5-7 minutes on the ferry from Rose Bay at you are Watson’s Bay! Yaaaay! Such a pretty boat ride – you truly won’t regret it. A lot of people/tourists actually never get off the ferry and instead do a full circle loop, so if you don’t have time to get off at each stop than this can be an option for you.

Watson’s Bay is probably half the size of Rose Bay but has just as much punch as the other, too me Watsons Bay almost feels like a complete other town, it has a real beach getaway feeling to it. Delicious cafes and restaurants to choose from, fish and chips and ice cream galore… yup your set when it comes to food in Watson’s Bay – you definitely won’t leave hungry.

Clear blue waters, just the right number of waves and extremely picturesque… I loved me some Watsons bay! There is also a lighthouse that is about a 2km walk up from the bottom and I have been told by a secret source that it is for sure worth it! I didn’t do the walk on the day that I went, as it was stinking hot and I couldn’t be FUDGED.  The beach was calling my name, so I decided to be like Moana and go to the ocean hahahaah! Corny! 


The tricky part of the day was getting back to Circular Quay, it’s almost like Watson’s Bay doesn’t want you to leave!

The timetables they have on the wall at the wharf are quite tricky to understand and aren’t really correct… they do have staff/helpers there trying to guide you, but the staff member kept getting my ferry time wrong (Making us miss 3 ferries :O), so I just decided to follow the opal app which was correct – thank goodness.

The downside to Watson’s Bay is that the wharf isn’t in a very good working condition for the number of people that visit. We had to wait a whole 30 MINUTES! Just for everyone to get off the arrived ferry in order for our group to get on, making the ferry run 40 minutes behind. A lot of people in the ques were not happy but what can you do? I’m just forewarning you off this in case you choose to go… and need to be back somewhere by a certain time, make sure to schedule the right amount of time for any delays etc (not trying to put anyone off, Watson’s Bay is truly incredible).

Tip: There are quite few ferry lines that depart from Watson’s Bay such as the manly line – if you live in this suburb or wish to continue your journey on further then go for it! make sure to check out the opal app to see if there is a ferry line that goes to your next destination.

Then its back home we go (read using a commentator’s voice 😉)….. open water, open water, open water – incredible views, incredible views, incredible views, then rose bay! Gorgeous bay, pretty bay… then more open water, open water, oop bumpy water, almost threw up in the water annnnnnnnnd the stunning opera house, big ass bridge and we are back to circular quay!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it!

Definitely a fun adventure day out full of the rich beauty that I am continually in awe off with the glorious harbor that is surrounding Sydney’s city and suburbs. I sure do hope you can all make it here one day! This beautiful-ness needs to be seen by all.



Thank You Guys For Reading <3

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