Whale watching in Hervey Bay | Everything you need to know

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

Hervey Bay in Queensland is known as a whale-watching paradise. Due to its unique location, whales can be found here for months on end. They deliver their calves there and spend a couple of weeks in the waters before they swim further. 

In September of this year, I was in Hervey Bay, and I could not leave this town without a whale-watching cruise. So at 6.30 am my alarm went off and we headed to the Spirit of Hervey Bay for a morning cruise. 

Best Time to go Whale Watching in Hervey Bay?

To increase your chances of experiencing the best whale watching in Hervey, you should plan your trip from late July to November. Around this time the ocean around Hervey Bay And Frasier Island are nice and calm. Additionally many of which will be nursing their calves, so there is a big chance you will see a couple of Whales during your cruise.

Hervey Bay is one of the best and most exclusive destinations for whale watching that won’t disappoint.

What to bring on the whale watching tour

Most of the cruises are fully equipped, but I suggest you still need to bring some basics. Underneath just a couple of handy things to bring with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Camara
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Water bottles
  • Hat
  • Non-slip shoes


The spirit of Hervey Bay offered a free pick up from the campground we were residing for the night and since it was low season, we and another family were the only pick-ups. About 20 minutes later we arrived at the ferry terminal and about 30 minutes later we could board the boat. 

We were informed on forehand that they were only half-full so that there were plenty of places for everyone. That they had seen quite a few whales over their last few cruises so they were expecting a good day for us. 

We set sail (Even though the boat doesn’t have a sail, but you know what I mean) and within 10-15 minutes we reached Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and reached 120 kilometers. We cruised along the stunning island for a while and enjoyed the stunning scenery. 

Fraser Island of the coast of Hervey BayFraser Island of the coast of Hervey Bay seen from Whale watching tour

The first whale that we encountered was splashing around another tour boat. So we watched for a hot minute but get on going further out. In total we sailed about 1 and a half hours before we reached a Mom and her 6-week old calf nawwwwww.

The calf was on super turbo and was having the time of his life. The guide told us that it was burning of some energy and therefore was making jumps every couple of minutes. 

We stayed with this pair for quite some time, as they were pretty entertaining. 

Hervey Bay Whale Watching jpg

Eventually, we did venture out as they went quiet for a bit. There was a male whale making a bit of scene by slapping his fins on the water. 

We then encountered a Mom and calf who got separated and were in a bit of a destress. Before you jump to any conclusions: They were about 50 meters apart and the cruise boat had nothing to do with it. I don’t know if they have bad sighting, but it was a bit silly seeing them freak out even though they were so close to each other. That did result in some spectacular breaches by mom…. Unfortunately, all missed by me. It is not as easy as it looks, photographing a breaching whale. They dive under to make some speed, so you have to guess where abouts they will jump. 

Hervey Bay Whale Watching jpg

After a couple of hours, just around the time most people had enough, it was time to head back. On the way back they took it a bit slower, and we docked just before 1 pm. The courtesy bus arrived a couple of minutes after and dropped us off at our campsite. 

The cruise came with some Coffee, Tea and a delicious sweat snack and was $100,- per person. 

I loved doing this cruise with Spirit of Hervey Bay. They gave you heaps of information on the whales, what behavior they were showing and left the animals plenty of space to do their own thing. They did not interfere, did not come up too close and did not cause the animals any destress. I would definitely recommend doing this cruise if you are ever in Hervey Bay! 


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