Another year is done and dusted. Time is going so fast and yet so slow at the same time. It is only fitting to review last year and set some goals and wishes for this year. Even though I am not a ‘new year – new me’ kinda girl – we all know that you usually only last a few weeks anyway haha!

In this post, I will only review my first year of blogging. (although I started in April…) But still.


In April 2018 I started Bondi to Basic. I was in a bit of a rut. I was down, often did not leave my place and was unmotivated to do anything. I had a blog before, which I started for the wrong reasons, and it failed miserably. But I remembered that starting the blog got me motivated, talking to people, exploring things that I had not done before, so I took the plunge and started Bondi to Basic on a gloomy afternoon.

I know the startup of a blog takes a long time, but people that know me will say that I don’t have patience. This has been the number one issue for me, taking the time to see my blog grow. I have been stuck at the same amount of daily traffic for a while now. And it’s a low number. I will go into traffic a bit later, but to me, its upsetting. I spend several hours per blog post to make sure its perfect, and then for only a few people to see it makes me upset. I will continue to blog because it has helped me in my personal life, but I wish the traffic would pick up and slowly start to increase.

My stats as per December 31st are:

  • Blog followers: 13
  • Twitter followers: 422
  • Instagram followers: 725 (and dropping every single day)
  • Pinterest followers: 1238
  • Bloglovn followers: 11

The traffic as per December 31 as TIME is

As you can see there is a (very slow) but steady increase in blog traffic. In November I had a post that got some traction (Top 10 cities in the world) but that slowly ebbed way and now the traffic is back to normal. I have not posted much in December cause I needed to find my motivation again.

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I use Tailwind to schedule in my pins and use 3 different tribes to help me get some more shares. The stats from Tailwind are as follows on the 31st of December.

Tribe 1:


Tribe 2:


Tribe 3:


I like Tailwind, but I have seen so many posts on how Tailwind got the 1 million few or whatnot in less than a few weeks, and I haven’t had that success in months (not even close)

Because of tailwind, my Pinterest stats are as follows:


For my Instagram, I have hired a Social Media Person. She actively using my account to get more followers. I have written an extensive post about it HERE if you are interested.

I currently have 725 followers.

I try to be as active as possible on that site, but it is a lot of work to stay social. I know it is important for the algorithm, but who’s got time to that.

My twitter is growing very slowly, but I always seem to get stuck at a certain number for a while. At the moment that number is 422.

I have been added to Twitter moments once. Unfortunately not blog related. The media had hyped up a massive sandstorm that was supposed to hit Sydney…. It never did. I tweeted about it and people liked it.


My most liked tweet had unfortunately also nothing to do with my blog. I had replied to a video when it was recently newly uploaded to Twitter. It showed a cat desperately trying to get out of a pond, but it couldn’t so a dog jumped into the pond to help the cat out, all whilst someone was filming it.
You can see what I thought of the person underneath, and luckily a lot of people agreed with me. It even got featured on 9gag. So you are reading a blog of an internet sensation hahaha (If you don’t know me, that is a joke hahaha)

I have given up on GooglePlus since they are closing that site down soon.

Bloglovin I honestly don’t understand, so I have it and I have 11 followers (yay) but I don’t know if should use it more actively or promote it…I just don’t know, if you have any advice, please feel free to share it, I am always open to suggestions.

Pinterest, we discussed above.


I hope that the traffic to my blog will slowly and steadily increase of the year. I would really like to see some improvements to keep me going. I need it as motivation. Yes, I truly love blogging, it has helped me get out of bed and go to places that I would normally not travel too. But if no one reads or enjoys what you do, then it can get a pretty de-motivation.

That is truly all I would like in 2019. See growth in my blog.

Boring I know. But I need to monetize it atm. I have a fulltime job and I don’t think I would have time to do it properly. So if I can write good quality content and see a monthly increase in views that I will be happy.

What I am also trying to do is work a couple of weeks in advance. Nowadays I blog o the same week as it supposed to go out, and that is way too stressful. So in the month of December, I have worked my hiney off to finally be a couple of weeks in advance. This way I have time to go over the posts again, improve them before they go out. Also, if I don’t feel like blogging for a few days then I don’t have too.

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