I only started blogging in April 2018.  Before that, I was pretty down and was not doing a lot on a day to day basis. In order to get myself out of bed more and to use my fancy DSLR camera, I decided to start Bondi to Basic.

In this year in review what I have been up to ever since I started this blog. Since I work full time I usually go out and about on the weekends and take photos for upcoming blog posts.

So underneath you can see my year in photo’s what I have been doing for this blog.


I started Bondi to Basic in the end of April. So I didn’t go out to take pictures, I was mostly busy setting up everything for the blog.


Happy birthday to meeeeeee. In May I turned old. So in order to celebrate, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia for the first time. I had a beach hotel in Denpasar and spend most of my days chilling at the beach and pool. One day I hired a private chauffeur to drive me around the island. Unfortunately, on the last day of my holiday, I got food poising and the month of May went downhill from there. What exactly happened and how I ended up in the emergency department in Sydney you can read that here. 

I have written several posts about Bali:

The rest of the month I was recovering and I literally spend it in bed. So the month started off great, didn’t end so well.


Vivid is in Sydney and I LOVE this festival. Here for a couple of weeks in Winter, its lights up the city with its magical lights. I was still super weak, but I had to venture out to see and photograph this.

Another weekend I wandered around the Rocks and the Rocks markets. Around this time I started to feel a bit better and I was finally on the mend woohoo!


Right across from my house is a massive park and for a couple of weeks during the winter period, there was a winter wonder festival (I don’t remember the official name, but it was something like that lol) For the first time since I moved to Australia I went ice-skating. So much fun.

The winter weather has been absolutely phenomenal, so even in winter, the Royal Botanic Gardens are worth a visit. I wandered around for hours, whilst enjoying some sunshine and taking hundreds of pictures.

Additionally, I walked the Bondi to Coogee walk. One of the most scenic walks you can do in Sydney. Truly amazing


Another weekend another walk. I had the walking blues. I did the 10K walk from Spit bridge to manly. Not an easy walk but it is pretty amazing with stunning scenery.

Why hello there, stunning Palm beach.

Lastly, in August, I visited the real body exhibition, a controversial exhibition which used real human bodies to showcase the inner workings of the body.


I did the Taronga zoo to balmoral walk.

The second week of September I flew home to the Netherlands to spend some time with my family. I flew with Emirates in business class due to my recent illness, I wanted to be comfortable.

I spent some time in Enschede (Where I am originally from), Rotterdam and a week at a Safari Park.


Back home in Sydney and back to work (booooooooooh) This month I worked on a massive blog called Sydney by night. It took me 3 weekends to write and photograph. I would appreciate it if you’d check it out and leave a comment.


Out and about in Sydney once again. I did lots of little photography sessions and visited some Sydney attractions.

I went to the Garden of friendship in Darling harbor.

The jacaranda trees were in bloom and I did two ‘photoshoots’. One in the famous streets of Kirribilli and one in Neutral Bay.

I went to Sydney zoo (which I still haven’t posted online yet.

And also to the aquarium (Again blog post is missing in action) – check out these cute lovers below, nawwwwww!

And in the last weekend of November, I went on a mini-break to the world famous Bondi Beach.  You could not have missed that If you follow my blog (My apologies for all the Bondi pictures and posts lately, it’s just so damn pretty)



I found a new  ‘hobby’ in December, astrophotography. I like taking pictures of stars. I know I am such a dork.
I still absolutely suck at it, but I really enjoy doing it, and with summer season just starting, I know the nights are going to be perfect for taking loads of pictures. So, apologize in advance for the many posts about stars that you will probably see in 2019.

Also, Sunsets in Sydney are PHENOMENAL in summer. The sky always turns blood red, giving the most amazing picture opportunities EVER. So…. I will be taking a lot of sunset pictures hahah sorry. But if they look like this, how can I not take pics of them? Could you be even called a blogger if you don’t take pictures of this? I think not.

Annnd that’s it! whoah! another year of life done and dusted and once again it went too quick.. you agree? What are some of your own highlights and what are you looking forward to in 2019? Leave your comments down below, I would love to hear from you guys! As always I hope you enjoyed this post, we are currently sweltering through a heat wave (yay!) so in the meantime, I’ll be writing lots of blog posts for 2019! see you there hehe.


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